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American Spirit Soars in Las Vegas


Terry Graham

5 June, 2005

Since the ‘60s, Hollywood has cultivated the image of a sole, steroidal male slathered in oil, taking on his enemies against impossible odds...and winning. Clint, Sly, Arnold, Bronson and others have promoted this suicidal, maniacal and utterly false stereotype of the American alpha male.

Reality is quite different, as history witnesses. Once a threat to the common good is identified within our midst, maverick Americans -- who generally prefer to be left alone to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- band together to defeat the enemy. Strength in numbers. Hang together or hang separately. Etc.

We’ve all seen films of Soviet soldiers marching lockstep in Red Square, and Nazis in perfect rows, perfect uniforms, perfect goose-stepping. Interesting, strangely impressive, but not American.

Mel Gibson’s “The Patriot" best portrays the American warrior -- a man who wants to live in peace. Despite his best efforts, he is propelled by circumstance and destiny into conflict, joining with the brave men and women of his community. The American Revolution, our first Civil War, exemplifies that American Spirit and our willingness to engage and prevail in a “hopeless” battle with faith, determination and courage. Driven by our shared righteous anger and unwavering love of freedom, Americans head out -- together-- to destroy the enemy and return home, victorious.

Fact is, the posse is our nation’s fighting unit. Fiercely independent Citizens respect posse power. Our individualism can make such cooperative efforts as difficult as herding cats, yet this pride of lions is a most formidable adversary.

Driving 800 miles in my ragtag car for the Memorial Day weekend to “Take Back America’s Unite to Fight Against Illegal Immigration” Summit, organized by Las Vegas talkshow host Mark Edwards, I knew we had been targeted by open-borders ethnic extremists.

I’d heard of the violent, vicious and cowardly attacks upon attendees at the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) meeting less than 24 hours earlier, where Minuteman Project leader Jim Gilchrist spoke, and similar attacks at the Baldwin Park rally. (I personally suffered a violent assault by a Mexican national at a Denver “Immigration Forum” sponsored by First Data/Western Union in July 2004.) here

Pumping up a flat tire the night before I hit the highway, and having had my First Amendment rights to speak freely and assemble peaceably violated within the past week by the Westminster (Colorado) Police, I was well aware that the Founders wisely set forth Plan A in the First Amendment; backed by Plan B, the Second Amendment.

Yes, I would meet up with the Las Vegas posse if my tire held. The legacy of the Minutemen Citizens border patrol led by Gilchrist and Chris Simcox is rich, already spawning a new generation of Patriot Posses. Though blathering bureaucrats vilified these new American heroes, the Minutemen took the truth home, and spread it around. Resistance is fertile!

In Central Utah, I stopped for gas. A middle-aged attendant began washing my bug-splattered windshield. Thanking him profusely, I asked for help with my (now) two leaking tires. A nail, and splitting treads. Caution to the wind, I said, “Fill ‘em up, please, and say a prayer for me because I have to get to Las Vegas before nightfall for a conference on immigration” He looked straight at me and asked “Are you a Minuteman?”

Sensing free tires could be in the balance, but recalling George Washington’s cherry tree tale, I could not tell a lie. “No, but Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox will be there.” He nodded, with reverence. Political capital. The Minutemen have it.

“So will the Citizens attacked last night in Los Angeles, along with victims of the Baldwin Park assault,” I added. “Do you know about them?”

“Yes, I heard about it on talk radio today.” Tires filled, windshield washed, courtesy of a chance encounter with this anonymous American Posse Patriot, I headed south. We are everywhere. Thank God. And make no mistake, We are a *Posse* of Patriots, not an Army of One.

Posse members come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages and genders, scattered about these united States. We wear no uniform, and refuse embedded ID chips. We may not know each other, but united, we claim our God-given birthrights as free and sovereign Citizens. Our loyalties are to our God, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our fellow Americans. We will not tolerate lies, deceit, exploitation, oppression or tyranny. Period. Nonnegotiable.

A naturalized American, a Hungarian freedom fighter whom I met at the Las Vegas Summit put it succinctly: “We’re Americans. Don’t f*ck with us.”

Like the generations who came before us, hundreds of Americans from across our nation skipped picnics and parades, convening to strategize over the common threat -- the invasion and planned defeat of our great nation. Knowing our posse faced immediate threats as our position in Las Vegas was publicized by violent adversaries, we stood firm. And have no doubt, we were prepared to meet the enemy if attacked. We’re Americans, after all.

I was at once proud, honored, humbled and grateful to be among this Patriot Posse, many of whom were strangers representing other posses coast to coast. They are My People. We the People. Every speaker and attendee brought a story, passion, tactics, hope and promise to the Summit. Artists provided inspiration. Most amazing was the unbridled expression of our indomitable American Spirit as audience members spontaneously whooped, whistled, shouted support, booed the bad guys, laughed and cried together, and jumped to our feet for scores of standing ovations. The Las Vegas Summit truly was a Revival of the American Spirit. The sleeping giant is awake and cranky.

The highest title an American can hold is Citizen. We have the right, nay the duty, to take our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and replace those who violate them. We -- not they -- are the Government.

Out of one posse, the Minutemen, many. Out of many posses, one nation: America. Of wary Americans who sit wringing their idle hands in despair of our situation, I ask: Are you a Minuteman or a mouse?

Finally, to you impostors, public serpents and others who wrap yourselves in our Flag, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, fully expecting us to quietly file into your Borderless Barrio, your grotesque Global Gulag, I say (straight from Las Vegas), “Don’t bet on it.”

© 2005 Terry Graham

Terry Graham, an American Citizen was brutally assaulted by a Mexican woman at an immigration forum held July 2004 in Denver by First Data/Western Union. She has filed a lawsuit against her attacker and forum sponsors. She can be reached at .

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