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Islam and Americans


Raoul Lowery Contreras

Guest Columnist


Originally published in Cal News and republished by permission.

13 March, 2006

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They are Islamic, they are not Islam. They are the Moslems burning buildings in Lebanon, Syria and throughout the Moslem world because a European newspaper published a cartoon representing Islamís founder Mohammed wearing a bomb-like turban.

Question: Are these rioting Moslems all Moslems?

There is much evidence that such is the case. In the hours after September 11, 2001, I wrote an article that criticized Moslems for succumbing to 7th century gobbledygook that has at different times been the "official" word and not the "official" word. The Official word depended on the ruling caliph and what he wanted believed, usually for political reasons. Example: The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who spent World War II as Adolf Hitlerís personal guest in Berlin.

There is no one in the world that can declare without doubt that the current "Quran" AKA Koran, is the one true word of the Prophet Mohammed. There is no one. More importantly, who is to say that if a good digital camera had been present during one of Mohammedís bloody conquests that he wouldnít have preened in front of the camera. There is no one who can deny that Mohammed wouldnít have preened. Look how his disciples climb all over themselves in front of cameras.

The issue here is not whether or not Moslems are intelligent, living by the "word" or practicing their own religion to the exclusion of all others by their dictatorial governments. The real question is whether or not anyone not Moslem has to live by Moslem standards, myths or rules and regulations. Non-Moslems do not have to live by Moslem rules. If I wish to publish a cartoon of Mohammed and 72 "virgins" romping around Moslem Paradise, I have the freedom to do so here in the United States and most of the civilized world. And, frankly, I donít give a damn what Moslems might think.

Until they show me that they believe in God-given rights of free expression and speech for all, even themselves (as they donít have those rights now in most Moslem run countries), I will continue to ignore them. That is not un-respecting them ( I donít accept the silly street patois of "Disrespect), this simply recognizes that most donít have the social, or political maturity to understand free thought, free speech and free expression. Until Moslems declare themselves to be free thinking modern people with rights for themselves that others all ready have, like we do, they cannot be taken seriously.

Until American Moslems ditch their illiterate and ignorant brethren and criticize the rioters, the Islamic "fatwahs" declaring death sentences for non-believers, the burning of European buildings and offices and demands for official apologies from governments for actions of a free press, they will not be taken seriously. They will not be taken seriously until they publicly reject Moslems who behead newsmen and private citizens who donít share their worldview.

I will not take them seriously. Real Americans, especially Hispanic Americans who understand recent and historical oppression, reject the majority of American Moslems by the bushel. Those Moslems who refuse to attack Moslems who crash jets into American office buildings, their sponsors, Palestinian homicide bombers who murder children with bombs strapped to silly and stupid fanatics, bring on this rejection. All the whimpering in English by sons and grandsons of Moslem immigrants will not change the hearts and minds of almost all Americans. Only strong rejection of Middle East Murderers will do; only strong rejection of any religious views that do not respect freedom, political freedom and freedom of speech and expression by all will do.

© 2006

Raoul Lowery Contreras