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Illegal Aliens


Janet Conroy

Guest Columnist


30 October, 2005

California is building two new schools each day to keep up with illegal alien children. In the photo, third world children are being educated at American taxpayer expense near Janet's neighborhood. Click on the photo for the story of the booming school construction business. Illegal Alien Students

Not enough school buildings in North Carolina to handle the increasing population of students? Especially "English-learner" students? Need more classrooms and temporary trailers don't quite fill the bill? Gee, we have been told by the Cato Institute that this sort of thing isn't happening around the country -- it only happens near the border.

Well, all I can say is, "Get used to it, it will only get worse." I know because I live in California, the "Illegal Alien State" and your politicians, bowing to corporate interests, have the same thing in mind for you as they have done to us. You see, the costs of cheap labor for corrupt businesses has consequences for the average State taxpayer who is forced to pick up the tab for subsidizing the cheap "immigrant" labor force and their dependents. California is over $38 billion in debt and the debt grows at around $10 billion per year now. Ironically, that is around the same amount we end up paying to subsidize the cheap labor encouraged to reside in California illegally.

The $10 billion only covers the costs to medicate, educate and incarcerate the illegal workers and members of their families over and above any taxes they may pay into the State's coffers. This does not include the losses in tax revenue to the black market labor economy that avoids all taxes whatsoever. Nor does it include the displacement of native California workers and legal residents from the workforce or their loss of wages due to unfair and illegal competition.

You will find, with time, that if you don't stop the illegal alien invasion you won't just have a classroom shortage, you will have mass classroom failure. The "English learners" will soon outnumber the English speakers in the classroom and both sets of students will end up failing. This is how it is in California and in every other area where mass immigration without assimilation occurs. Students can't learn in this type of environment where the teachers must spend so much time on students who don't speak English, they don't have the time to work with the English speaking kids who might need a little extra help. And as grades fall for all the children, the hue and cry will come for more and more taxpayer dollars to solve the problem.

Throwing money at the problem doesn't work, I know. I live in California where we spend over $10,000 per child/year and only half of our students graduate from high school. In Los Angeles, over 50% of the workforce is functionally illiterate to the point that they can't even read a bus schedule. We used to have an excellent school system in the 1960's before mass immigration took it down to the bottom of the heap. The same is in store for you if you continue to listen to the Pied Pipers of illegal immigration. As goes California, so goes the rest of the nation -- the good, the bad and, yes, the ugly, too. Look to California's example and don't let greedy, self-interested wretches destroy your State for the sake of higher personal profits. Your children and grandchildren will be the recipients of what you leave to them -- a State of promise or one of poverty. It is your choice, make it a good one.


Janet Conroy

Janet Conroy is an immigration reform activist in the Los Angeles area.

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30 October, 2005