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Koreans Displace
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Janet Conroy

Guest Columnist

15 May, 2005

Janet Conroy is an immigration reform activist and lives in the Los Angeles area.

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The Mexican illegal alien community recently discovered that they would be replaced by legal Korean immigrants at a chicken processing plant in Claxton Georgia. The mob complained about being disposable and being "thrown away" after all their years of work. Gee, the shoe is on the other foot and now the illegals are whining, they didn't give a hoot when they stole our jobs. I love it, I'm grinning from ear to ear. You want a little story about Koreans?

My husband and I used to shop at a little Korean liquor store down the street from where we worked when we were still living in the San Fernando Valley. The owners were a nice couple whose daughter was attending one of our leading universities. The store was family owned and family run and we had been doing business with them for years.

During the Rodney King riots, looters tried to attack and loot Korean shops in downtown Los Angeles. The media was all over the story, showing pictures of the Koreans on the roofs of their shops brandishing handguns and shooting at the feet of those attempting to loot and burn their businesses. By the way, most of the looters arrested during the riot were not Blacks, they were illegal aliens, though if you lived outside of the area, you wouldn't know this little fact.

Anyway, we happened to be in our Korean friends' liquor store at the time and the wife of the merchant had the TV on as the media slammed the merchants for protecting their property. The husband had a peculiar look in his face when we came in. He looked humbled and ashamed, he looked as if he had "lost face" because his fellow merchants were being vilified and called, you guessed it -- vigilantes -- by the media for protecting their businesses.

He asked us what we thought about the whole situation and we laughed and told him not to pay attention to the propaganda box. We told him that what the Korean merchants were doing was in the best tradition of the American people. When wagon trains were attacked by savages, the wagons would be put in a circle and the assault would be fought off. We told him that the Koreans were acting like normal, everyday Americans, regardless of what the media said. Needless to say, that made his day. So, if the Koreans are coming to displace the illegal aliens from Mexico, I have but one thing to say-- BRAVO!


Janet Conroy

Tijuana del Norte de Aztlan

(The illegal alien occupied and destroyed territory, formerly known as Los Angeles, California, USA)

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15 May, 2005