This hate mail was written in response to the essay
Koreans Displace Mexican Illegal Aliens

Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 00:52:29 EDT
Subject:(no subject)

why is it so okay for more people to come that are Koreans but its an outrage if they are mexica illegals. just because the Koreans are legal does not mean that they will take the jobs of the mexican illegals if they can get better jobs because they are legal. and just a note to say! mexicans never toke americans jobs! the americans never liked doing the jobs mexicans or blacks did! yes i am talking about the american gringos! like it or not the reality is that America begged for mexicans to work in america when needed so i ask you, how is that stealing jobs!

Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 16:03:29 EDT
Subject: Re: (no subject)

Most Americans don't want to pick strawberries for $5 per hour, but for $15 per hour, Americans will pick strawberries and the strawberries would only cost an additional 30 cents extra. But, unscrupulous growers (criminals) would prefer to have their illegal Mexican slaves pick the strawberries because the growers can treat the illegal Mexican slaves like excrement -- American workers won't stand for that type of treatment, we even have laws prohibiting it.

So, when an illegal Mexican slave takes a job for less than half of what an American would be paid and allows himself to be treated like excrement instead of as a human being, the illegal Mexican slave destroys the wages and working conditions of ALL who work in that job sector, be it agriculture or construction. And it is the height of arrogance to imply that "gringos" won't do hard work, we won't do work for slave wages and Third World working conditions in a First World country.

The Koreans are an honorable people. They are not stupid, dishonorable slaves, like the illegal Mexicans. Koreans think with their brains, unlike the illegal Mexican slaves. Korean children are above average students in our schools and usually go on to get college degrees. The children of illegal Mexican slaves barely make it through grade school and most fail to finish high school before having children. Koreans limit their family to a size they can afford to pay for. Illegal Mexican slaves keep breeding even though they can't afford to feed all of their kids, they then expect US taxpayers to pick up the tab for their inability to control their sex drive.

Korean immigrants are a plus for American society, illegal Mexican slaves are a negative drain on American society. The US outlawed slavery over one hundred years ago after a civil war that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of our own people. Now illegal Mexican slaves (and the criminals who employ them) are bringing the abhorrent practice of slavery back to America. This is because illegal Mexican slaves are either too lazy or too stupid to fix the problems they have created in their own country through overpopulation and corruption. The US does not need to have Mexico export their homegrown problems of corruption and over breeding here to the US for our taxpayers to subsidize.

The only people who want illegal Mexican slaves coming to America are the criminals who exploit them. The American people object to slavery and exploitation, we are a nation of laws, and we expect those laws to be obeyed. We want the illegal Mexican slaves to go home and make Mexico into a country worthy of respect, instead of the cesspool of crime, corruption, disease and overpopulation it currently is.

Janet Conroy

Date: Tue, 9 June 2005 18:00:21 PST
Subject: (no subject)

This is the kind of mental "excrement" that people like you have fed yourself and is trying to feed others. What do you know about Mexican illegals? your Korean wisdom should certainly tell you that one doesn't know others motivations until you walk in their shoes. you portrays herself as a knowledgeable person, yet knows nothing about Mexican history and how a "First World country" like the US has directly caused the "Third world conditions" that they so much abhor, ever since they got close enough to the border before the Mexican Revolution. Poverty and desperation is what causes people to cross the border for a better life. If the US had not taken away their land, their oil and filled the market with products that killed the Mexican economy the situation would be very different. Your hasty generalizations are also ridiculous. All Korean honorable? HA! and all illegal Mexicans stupid and dishonorable? Only in your racist dreams full of scat. And how about that math? You believe that if you triple the cost of labor, strawberries are only going to go up $0.30 cents? Where did you get those numbers? Lots of rhetoric are not going to disguise the fact that you are a racist.

Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 18:03:51 EDT
Subject: Re:(no subject)

What's the matter Baby? Lady Heather won't accept your credit card any longer so now you come to me to be dominated? When you assume that I am Korean, you make a big mistake -- I am an American! Some of my ancestors were even American Indians, others were Spanish. So, don't try to pull the "racist" card on me, it doesn't work. Besides, everyone knows that a "racist" is anyone winning an argument with a liberal -- that makes you nothing more than a race-baiting liberal know-nothing.

Mexican history? If by that you mean -- rob thy neighbor, rape thy neighbor, kill thy neighbor? Yeah, I know all about "Mexican history" -- it is a history of cowardice and kleptomania, just ask the Apache. And if you cared one whit about Mexico, you would get your cowardly candy-ass back home and throw out the European kleptocrats infesting your government and destroying your country, but like I said, you are a bunch of cowards so you sneak into my country and whine like little babies. You blame anyone but yourselves for your own problems.

Poor Baby, can't you even do simple math either? Labor comprises around 10% of the price of produce. So, if I paid $1.00 for strawberries or lettuce, 10 cents of the price is for labor. Triple the labor costs and all I pay is 30 cents for the labor. This means that if farm labor is $5.00 per hour and we triple it to $15.00 per hour, I'll pay $1.30 (30 cents for labor) for my strawberries or lettuce. And you wonder why I like Koreans? -- they are whizzes at math and science, unlike cowardly, candy-ass Mexican slaves.


Janet Conroy

This letter was written in as a follow up to the immigration debate between Tom Clark and D.A. King.

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Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 07:45:52 PST
Subject: Re: the immigration debate


Naturally, I'd like to know what you thought of the debate released today.


Tom Clark

Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 17:25:30 EDT
Subject: Re: the immigration debate

"Undocumented workers would have to register for a temporary visa, valid for six years. They'd also be required to prove they have a solid work history and a clean criminal record. Then they'd have to pay a $1,000 fine to join the guest worker program. Six years later, they'd pay another $1,000 fine, this time to obtain a green card proving legal permanent residence."

Well, this sounds a lot like forcing the illegals to cough up La Mordita, the little death, a bribe -- in two bites. Considering the fact that their employers could currently be fined $5000 for each illegal the employer employs, this is undoubtedly an amnesty -- an amnesty for the felonious employers, that is. Since employers can "voluntarily" verify the Social Security numbers of their workers, but they choose to take a pass on verifying their employees' legality to work (so they can continue to commit felonies), we're talking about amnesty for felons here.

Besides, anything coming from the Manchurian Candidate and his pal, the Chappaquiddick Swimmer, is bound to be totally anti-American. And Flake? Well, the name says it all! Additionally, the current administration will write the enabling regulations to insure that our nation is merged with the Traitor-in-Chief's favorite Banana Republic, Mexico, and that future employers of illegals face no penalties of consequence, what so ever. This is exactly what Poppy Bush did when he was tasked with overseeing the writing of the enabling regulations for the enforcement portion of the 1986 amnesty.

Now, assuming that past is prologue, the 1986 amnesty was supposed to be granted to only a couple hundred thousand illegal alien ag-workers. Instead, over three million were given amnesty and green cards. So, the government tells us this time that only around 11 million illegal aliens would sign up for the "status adjustment" yet we have Congressional testimony stating that there were over 18 million Mexicans (according to the Mexican government) living in the US illegally as of early 2002 and they represent less than 60% of the total illegal alien population in the US. Add to those numbers the three to five million illegals who have crossed in from Mexico each year since then, plus all the visa over-stay-ers and you get a number in the neighborhood of 60 million illegals up for status adjustment.

Since the 60 million illegals will be able to bring in their spouses and children, add another 240 million dependants to the mix. In the blink of an eye, our official population would double -- 290 million current counted residents plus 60 million uncounted illegal aliens and their 240 million immediate relatives. Add to this all the American-born children (say, two to three per family, or 12-18 million) that these "reunified" families will be producing over the first six years of their work permit -- anchor babies that anchor the family firmly to the US not temporarily, but permanently. Currently, we have a problem providing food, energy, fuel, housing, healthcare and roads for the population we have now. By doubling our population in less than five years, what will the impact to our already fragile environment be?

How many forests must we destroy in order to double our housing supply? How many acres of farmland or wetlands must we plow under to build the houses? How many valleys must be filled in with the garbage of all the new consumers? How many old clunkers will clog our already overcrowded highways spewing toxic smog into the atmosphere as these "new" families get their driving licenses and start driving hither, thither and yond? How many new schools must be built to accommodate the hundreds of millions of "new" students who don't speak our language yet will be required to attend our taxpayer financed schools? What will happen to our already over taxed, shrinking middle-class, the backbone of this nation? This is like the old Soviet concept: if the people don't like the government, don't replace the government -- replace the people.

I suggest you take up a new hobby -- saltwater aquariums. Get your tank up and running with the maximum number of fish the tank will accommodate in a healthy environment. Then double and triple the fish population choosing fish that are naturally antagonistic toward one and other and watch what happens next. Your little microcosm will teach you a lesson about the macrocosm that is America under the McCaineddy-Flake-Bush Shamnesty scam.

Janet Conroy

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13 June, 2005