Invading Wave

An Open Letter to Arizona


Janet Conroy

Guest Columnist

10 March, 2008

Janet Conroy is an immigration reform activist and lives in the Los Angeles area.

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When they came for California and the Californians called out to their fellow citizens for help, the rest of the country did nothing, they weren't Californians...

Well, California has for decades been the canary in the coal mine. While we suffered from the Mexican invasion, the rest of the country looked the other way or laughed at us. Some even suggested that "The Land of Fruits and Nuts" should fall off the continent and into the Pacific. We tried to warn you all and you turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to our plight. Now the pollitos have come home to roost, you are screaming "Bloody murder!" and you expect us to feel your pain. What a joke!

Where were YOU when our votes were being thrown out by the Razistas and their fellow travelers? Where were YOU when we were getting the shit kicked out of us by the Razista Brown Berets at our peaceful demonstrations in Westwood?

Where were YOU when we were trying to impeach Clinton & Gore over the Citizenship-USA scandal? Oh, that's right YOU were too interested in "the chubby intern as a cigar humidor" story to care about the screwing California was getting from the Clinton Cabal. Where were YOU when we warned you NOT to nominate another Bush to run on the Republican ticket? Where were YOU when we tried to warn you NOT to elect Jorge Arbusto to the office of President of the United States? Oh, that's right, YOU wanted a "WINNER!"

Perhaps this Californian should take pity on you "weak sisters" and at least warn you of the future to come. You think you have problems now, just wait. The real fun has not yet begun. You have MEChA "clubs" in all your colleges and universities. They are probably cropping up in most of your high schools and middle schools, too. Check your charter schools for association with the National Council of La Raza. That is where it really gets "hairy" and dangerous.

All those little anchor babies the invaders dropped while working illegally in Arizona and the rest of the Southwest are now growing up and you can't get rid of them. They are the armies of the next civil war and their indoctrination is obviously well under way. In a few years they will be out-voting you and claiming offices in your state legislature. They will vote in favor of their own kind, not Arizonans in general. They will bankrupt YOU in order to provide a "wonderful socialist paradise" for La Raza de Bronce. As the Chairman of the California Democrat Party, Art Torres, observed, "And people say to me on the Senate floor when I was in the Senate, 'Why do you fight so hard for affirmative action programs?' And I tell my white colleagues, 'because you're going to need them.'"

Welcome to the war, you are only a couple decades late to the action and the war is almost over. When you surrendered California, Texas and Florida to the invasion, you sealed your fate. When you failed to come to the aid of your invaded neighbor, you ceded that territory to the Reconquistas and sealed your fate. Now, the invaders have come for YOU and all you can do is whine about it!

If that wasn't enough, YOU have given us all the Manchurian Candidate Juan McCain! Thank you soooo much for all your help. Your Sheriff Joe is a day late and a dollar short. Remember, he used to not give a damn, he only recently "came to Jesus" and only to keep his job. Ditto on Prop. 300. The same folks who voted to punish employers just last year didn't stand up for Californians back in 1994 when we passed Prop. 187.

Be sure that your speakers are on and click below right to watch this short video. See what is in store for you soon. You want to know what they are teaching the anchor babies in your schools? This will give you some idea . This video is titled, "The Aztec Al-Qaeda" and we are still waiting for this bastard to go to trial. Pass this around before it disappears, as so many other videos on the subject already have.

Juan Manuel Alvarez

Most of the following video was shot in my hometown. Click below right to watch it. Feel the shame of not having come to the aid of your fellow countrymen when we cried out for your help.

Reconquista Demonstrators

Janet Conroy

Tijuana del Norte de Aztlan

(The illegal alien occupied and destroyed territory, formerly known as Los Angeles, California, USA)

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10 March, 2008