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Alienization of American Sports


Gale Norby

Guest Columnist

Soccer in Georgia Today

10 May, 2005

Gale Norby is an
immigration reform activist
in the Atlanta area.

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According to an article in last year's Christian Science Monitor, Mexicans are outraged at "non-Mexican" players permitted on their national soccer teams. This may be the ONLY time I ever agree with Mexico on anything. North of the Rio Grande border inside the USA, in many -- if not most -- American children's soccer leagues, you find a disproportionate number of Mexicans (mostly illegal aliens) playing in local childrens' clubs.

More often than not, many of these noncitizen players are also being subsidized through the soccer league's charitable "financial assistance" or "scholarships" while their illegal alien parents can afford to drive new cars and carry cell phones to games. One illegal alien player on my youngest child's team had more than one last name and birth certificate. In the United States, competitive children's soccer is no longer a "level playing field" nationally so to speak. My children are already competing at an international level unencountered before now in our nation.

If you watched the recent 2004 Olympic games, you noticed an interesting phenomenon. The Chinese basketball team was truly all Chinese. Correspondingly so, Mexicans do not want to give up precious few slots on their national teams to a single Argentinian, Columbian or a Guatemalan.

I thoroughly understand. There is so much competition on children's sports teams today in America, even on the elite travel teams -- that without question -- only legitimate American kids should occupy them. Especially paying ones. Illegal aliens don't just push American children out of available slots within soccer leagues. They also push them around on their own fields.

In 2002, the Duluth police department responded to a 911 call to the local soccer fields contracted by our club. "Pick-up" games (impromptu throngs) by illegal aliens after work hours were increasingly dominating the childrens' practice and game fields. The men refused to leave. Their actions were illegal since the soccer club had a contractual agreement with the Duluth Park and Recreation Department for practices and games usage. The signage stated so at the park's entrance and exit areas.

Two squad cars came to the fields but did nothing except talk to concerned parents. The police refused to ask the gatecrashers to leave even though they were well within the legal rights of both the city and the club to do so. The police were also asked to use their PA system to simply notify all non-club players to leave the fields immediately even if they did not intend to cite the invaders for violating park rules. The Duluth police refused to take the most straightforward, easiest actions to protect the children present.

Eventually more signs were put up in both English and Spanish even though plenty of signs were present already and provided more than enough information for local police to clear the fields of nonclub members to protect the players. The pick-up games still go on and I have not yet seen another Duluth squad car since 2002.

Another interesting incident occurred earlier this year. My older child played a soccer game north of Gwinnett county. Prior to the game, our players were warned by their coach that they would be competing against kids (illegal aliens) with falsified birth certificates. They were not only illegally present in the country but lying to conceal the fact that they were older than the age division allowed by the Georgia State Soccer Association. "Older" was an understatement as one player had a full beard.

This is not only unethical and illegal according to state soccer rules but could prove extremely injurious to smaller, younger opponents. That would be LEGAL, smaller, younger opponents who are complying with state law. Not only did the "older" team win but referees refused to recognize or call fouls against them due to intimidation. Tolerance of such shenanigans makes a joke out of organized athletics.

While millions of Mexicans flood over our borders annually, in search of jobs, benefits, services, education and other "freebies" doled out by American taxpayers, parents can also say "adios" to dwindling spaces on American soccer teams as just another byproduct of the invasion and colonization of our country.


Gale Norby

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