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Gale Norby

Guest Columnist

An Overview of Assault
Invasion on U.S. Soil

2 May, 2005

Gale Norby is an
immigration reform activist
in the Atlanta area.

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Illegal Aliens are
NOT immigrants!

Remember Kris Eggle!

By now, anyone remotely connected to the national immigration and borders issues is familiar with the tragic death of park ranger Kris Eggle in the American southwest nearly three years ago. Kris is now more than a mere isolated statistic; he has become the waving banner under which we immigration activists gather to press forward.

Statistics only tell part of the story. Statistics are barely the tip of the iceberg. We are interested in the whole iceberg - especially the invisible but massive portion that is weighty and moving undetected below the media surface. Kris's story is a shining luminary allowing us to reveal the dark underside of out-of-control borders and the reckless irresponsibility contributing to it.

While on duty to protect millions of faceless, nameless Americans unknown personally to himself, Kris was gunned down with an AK-47 by drug-smuggling illegal aliens in Arizona's Organ Pipe Cactus National Park. This particularly vile group of aliens was already wanted for murder in a drug deal gone sour and were pursued by Mexican officials while fleeing across the U.S. border into the area where Kris worked.

As a national park service ranger, Kris was providing back-up assistance for Border Patrol units that handle such confrontations. As he raced to his last call, Kris himself was not informed to the gravity of the situation nor was he warned about the presence of lethal weapons before he performed what would be his last earthly act.

At the visible tip of the iceberg, the AK-47 wielded by illegal aliens in a border ambush is the official and technical cause of Kris's untimely death. The rest of the iceberg although well concealed, has a particular and specific identity: neglect. Intentional and purposeful neglect, fueled by corruption and deceit by government officials and their inept public policies, was the real cause of Kris's murder.

Nearly three long years after his death, our government still refuses to acknowledge that our porous southern border is in shameful, chaotic, and mostly defenseless disarray. U.S. citizens, park rangers and border patrol agents are left woefully vulnerable to assault and attack from illegal aliens on a daily basis. Drug traffickers, criminals, other illegal aliens, even the Mexican army itself, are all determined to barge their way across our country's border while it remains disgracefully unfortified.

Over time, the southern U.S. border has been transformed into a true battle zone. The Mexican boundary is now the new front line in an unnamed, and largely ignored, war upon American citizens everywhere. There are slight echoes of refrain from years past when our Vietnam involvement was referred to as an unofficial war and was publicly declared as a "police action." A "police action" of that nature and scope in this undeclared border war would go a long way in securing American borders.

The United States is being invaded on a stealthy and large-scale basis while Americans everywhere unknowingly, or worse - uncaringly, go to school, work and sleep. Elected officials would have you blindly conducting "business as usual" as long as you don't upset the foreign fruit basket.

What exactly is "homeland security?" The tip of the iceberg loudly squawks that it means reinforcing and securing other countries' borders overseas and abroad. But that is sleight-of-hand political magic-show strategy. The same foreign country that fostered terrorists who killed thousands of Americans is receiving more American troops to protect and fortify its borders, while on American soil, American citizens remain sitting ducks under a relentless territorial invasion. Anything wrong with this picture yet?

Behind the scenes however, the rest of the iceberg solidly testifies that the ultimate key to true homeland security means securing our own physical borders. How can we truly protect ourselves from incoming crime and terrorism if we are jaunting overseas to assist and protect other foreign countries while at the same time, ignoring our own land? Don't follow the finger pointing abroad that diverts your attention away from home and hearth; keep an eye on the quiet hand at work under the magician's scarf trying desperately to cloak the iceberg.

This is our backyard and border security needs to be addressed NOW. There is much more traffic coming over the border than "poor migrants who just want a better life." Criminals, terrorists, drug traffickers, anti-Americans, and opportunists, often with military assistance, are FLOWING by the thousands each day into our homeland while elected officials in their Capitol Hill suites refuse to accommodate the very public that elected them.

Unfortunately, Kris Eggle's life became the chisel that cracked the invasion iceberg colliding with the USS Titanic. Americans no longer passively accept public relations spin, lofty words, broken promises, inaction or betrayal from those sworn to uphold American offices and represent American constituents and interests.

Like magicians, elected officials are only interested in making the invasion iceberg seem to disappear, when in fact, it's been on a dangerous collision course with the American public all along. The immigration illusion show will be gradually exposed and the invasion iceberg eventually crushed to bits under the blows of the patriotic press.

If you find your fifteen minutes of fame in here, we hope it's in a good way. There's no middle ground anymore in this life-or-death issue of American invasion. Related to immigration, we intend to spotlight individuals either working for or against the best interests and general good of American safety and quality of life.

If you aren't happy about how you are portrayed in print, change your ways. We don't care why you change or what your motives are, we only care about one thing: protecting our country. There's no fence to sit on here because no funds were allotted for it. You are either for or against preserving our country and quality of life, simple as that.

Meanwhile, all of you who contributed to Kris Eggle's death and continue to assist in the ongoing invasion of the United States, look for your name here soon. You have more than earned your fifteen minutes of fame.


Gale Norby

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