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When Principle
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Gale Norby

Guest Columnist

27 July, 2005

Gale Norby is an
immigration reform activist
in the Atlanta area.

Her email is

Illegal Aliens are
NOT immigrants!

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It has come to the Georgia public's attention that one of our own homegrown companies, Home Depot, has decided to align itself with a growing national disgrace rather than applying a lawful, ethical solution to an escalating problem. Faced with increasing amounts of illegal aliens loitering in their parking lots, instead of seeking enforcement of federal immigration law, Home Depot decided to compromise American law and ethics by pursuing Hispanic advocates and assisting in building a day labor shelter in Atlanta.

Company spokesperson Doug Zacker was publicly quoted as saying it was a great "match" to align Hispanic activists with Home Depot's support. In other venues however, he waffles by also saying, "We do not recommend that our customers employ, nor does The Home Depot, employ the day laborers who congregate in our parking lots." Apparently however, Home Depot implies its support of illegal labor by providing day labor shelter so that customers, contractors and subcontractors can easily and readily employ day laborers who congregate there in the Home Depot funded shelter.

It is a violation of federal law to: recruit, employ, aid, abet, assist, encourage or harbor illegal aliens. They are unauthorized to work in our country. By building a day labor shelter, Home Depot is not only blatantly and overtly disregarding our immigration laws and flaunting their disregard publicly, it is also showing that it supports the continued exploitation of illegal aliens. They further ignore the immense FISCAL exploitation of American taxpayers who must subsidize their living expenses in our country with programs and benefits from our tax dollars.

The construction industry is largely responsible for the ongoing lure of potential jobs utilizing "cheap labor". A homegrown American company should choose the promotion of American workers on American soil. But the bottom line of profits in an unstable economy is more important to a local retailer than principles of law and honor and support of American labor.

The bottom line is "cheap labor" is not cheap. It comes at a high price and much of that cost is hidden. Some of the costs to Georgia taxpayers include: overcrowded classrooms and the use of trailers in Gwinnett schools; driving hazards and rising insurance costs due to people driving illegally; environmental costs which continue to drain our water supply, clean air, and open spaces; overcrowded hospitals and unpaid health care usage causing skyrocketing costs of procedures and medical insurance. Last but not least, governmental benefits and programs designed to subsidize needy American citizens are being drained to provide for illegal aliens who cannot live on the slave wages they accept.

Selling out takes many forms. The most acceptable veneer of which is veiled as appearing neighborly and humanitarian. I wonder where the neighborly and humanitarian concerns are for the hundreds of thousands of Georgian taxpayers who must watch our laws be disregarded first by illegal aliens entering, driving and working in our country unlawfully, and second, by a major corporation publicly and actively supporting the continuance of it???

Setting up a day labor hall making it easier for contractors and landscapers to access increasing amounts of illegal laborers to further business profits while ignoring immigration laws is unacceptable. It is a slap in the face to hardworking, taxpaying American citizens to have a local, homegrown company encourage and support the overwhelming influx of illegal aliens who are overrunning our country.

Their labor may be temporarily good for parasitic companies willing to exploit them but it is insulting to law-abiding citizens. Citizens are forced to absorb noncompliance with American laws as well as subsidize benefits with our tax dollars while illegal aliens remain in our country.


Gale Norby

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