The Emigration Party of Nevada does not necessarily indorse these videos. They are best downloaded to your desktop and run from there to avoid buffering problems. (Right click, save target as, select desktop or other destination)

For those using dialup connections download time for each video is given. For cable modem or DSL users, it will be about ten times faster. Open another browser window and do something else while it loads. They are worth the wait.

This military video about U.S. intervention in countries around the world came from Earnest Hancock in Phoenix, click here.

(Download time 24 minutes)
6 August, 2005

Cecil Roper from Lebanon Oklahoma sent in this video. It shows how you can fight against job loss to Mexican illegal aliens, click here.

(Download time 21 minutes)
11 October, 2005

Carol Story from Reno sent in this Rush Limbaugh video. He discusses his ideas on new twist on an old immigration law. Click here.

(Download time 7 minutes)
27 April, 2006

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